Protect and Restore Natural Ecosystems


Global response to climate change reaffirms the goal of limiting global temperature increase to well below 2 degrees Celsius while pursuing efforts to limit the increase to 1.5 degrees.


To achieve this goal, global CO2 emissions will need to be reduced by 23 Gigatons, which requires changes in all sectors from aviation to agriculture. Deforestation and land degradation result in 20% of global emissions and can be reversed through a project like this.

ethics & value

Nature Based Solutions (NBS) including forestry, marine and regenerative agriculture have a key role to play in the next decade creating a carbon market opportunity of up to $30bn by 2030. Based on the 2021 data, the voluntary carbon market size reached $1bn, while the compliance markets increased to $851bn.

Projects we are working on now

Replanting - Mangrove

Nurseries have been established and planting commenced on land deforested for the production of rice, and subsequently abandoned.

Reforestation - Terrestrial

Successful replanting on degraded land. Nurseries have been established for the future planting program.


Large areas of mangrove and terrestrial forest is being degraded or under threat and will be conserved by the Rewilding Company.

Our Mission

To challenge climate change by rapidly developing large-scale nature-based solutions that generate benefits for the planet and our stakeholders.

of the known cancer fighting plants exist only in the rainforest.
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regulations affect the manufacturing industry.
of the world’s plants and animals are found in the rainforest.
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of the world’s oxygen comes from the Amazon rainforest.
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deaths a year caused by air pollution.
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25 + Years Experience

In-depth knowledge and established regional networks across Sierra Leone and West Africa.

Local Employment

Alongside our partnership companies we drive ongoing sustainable investment by employing local people, and small holder farmers.

Mangrove Restoration

Thousands of hectares identified for replanting and conservation.

Expertise in the group

The project brings together significant sector, industry and territorial experience.


Let Our Earth Have A Breath Of Fresh Air

We are committed to sustainable and traceable operations and have invested heavily in rewilding degraded farmland with forests, and the protection and replanting of mangrove along the coastline of Sierra Leone.

Our operations bring together local communities, governments, tribal leaders, conservationists, land owners, scientists, innovators and other important stakeholders to unlock the resources necessary for national and regional success.

Our projects share the benefit with its bordering communities and private landowners. We empower them to use reforestation and carbon credits as an additional income, helping them navigate the complex process of verification and validation and assisting them to sell their credits competitively to intermediaries and traders.


Rewilding Company CEO

Our Leadership

A world leading African business and climate science team Planters, Climate Scientists, and world-class carbon experts ALREADY ON THE GROUND


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Leslie Abu

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